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India is a country of diversities. Amongst foreign tourists and indians alike, India has always been a popular destination to explore the world of wisdom, business, wildlife, spiritual attainments, adventure, etc. India has a spectrum of tourist attractions, places for pilgrimage and rich diversity in climate, geology, heritage, culture, history, social and economical environment across this ancient land of wonders - India!.

Sites of India related travel and tourism information, Details of Goa Beaches, Backwaters of Kerala, Himalayan Resorts, Mountaineering and Water Sports in India, Sites of Taj Mahal, Khajuraho, Hampi, Monuments of Delhi and other travel information resources have been hand picked. Various facets of India travel and tourism - ranging from hotel deals, transportation, cultural information, accommodation, medical and educational tourism, excursions, adventure tourism, himalayan tourism and many other facets.

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